Capping Gas Line after Fridge Removal


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After several years of fussing with it and NEVER getting it to light, I have removed the fridge from my 1984 Westy. I have a standalone fridge that seems to run nicely on DC/AC without draining my extra battery in 45 minutes.

In any event, I now need to cap the propane supply 'tube' that was feeding the fridge. It appears to be a regular (old style) propane connector ... the same as on my BBQ. However, I'm having trouble finding a cap. I suspect that part of the problem is I don't know what to call what I'm looking for. Any help with what to call what I'm looking for and where I might find it would be greatly appreciated.
I just pulled my fridge, I am having propane lighting issues as well. The fridge part looks like the 'POL' fitting, but much smaller diameter. Yoou may be better off following down to where it comes off the tank. Just go to a propane dealer that does installs, nit just the tank filling p;ace, they will have what you need.
Try They have all sorts of fittings including plugs and caps. You will need a plug. Getting the right size... I would contact Dometic, or find a parts book for the fridge. I am hoping to get a fitting so I can bench test the unit! What a pain to do the burner box clean, then have to reassemble to test. Only to find it didn't fix. Need to bleed air out of 3' of line thru that tiny orifice.
I bought some flex line to troubleshoot my fridge today, standard 3/8 gas fitting, so all you need is a plug. Gas line has a tapered end, will be brass. Got my stuff at local hardware store.