Canadian Maritimes


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May I recommend a one-time trip. Anyway, a trip of a lifetime and never to be repeated again by us was a trans-Labrador trip. My wife and I entered Quebec through New Brunswick from Nova Scotia. We drove down (East) the St. lawrence river to Baie Comeau then North into labrador and then East (past Labrador City)across to the Atlantic(Goose Bay), By ferry down the coast and then South by road then again by ferry to Newfoundland and then another ferry to return to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. I think on the trip we used 7 ferry rides. Well I wouldn't recommend the trip again in a Westy. The dust from the middle 1500 kilometers of gravel road was absolutely into everything. The best way to see labrador is by car or pickup and staying at the one hotel you will find every 500 km.. If you can handle the middle 1500 km. of a 4000 kilo trip then the wilderness and stark beauty will leave you breathless. I have traveled all over North and Central America and was never more impressed than what I saw there. If only they would pave that darn gravel part I would go back in a split second. The fishing and hunting is the worlds best and the people of Nfld./Lab. are the friendliest in the world. The people in Eastern Quebec tend to be less so I'm afraid and I'll leave it at that.I even tried to speak French to them. On the map it may look small but don't let that fool you, it's a huge unexplored unspoiled wilderness. P.S.: The mosquitos carry tiny wire cutters. ;-)We went in July and hit 90 degree weather.

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That trip is on my to-do list. It's probably the only thing that will get me back through Quebec after some very anti-English incidents in the past. But I strongly disagree about paving the road. That's what ruined the Alcan H'way. When it was gravel, folks were forced to take the time to smell the roses, see the sights and enjoy the wildlife. It also kept traffic down. The 3 Bedroom-Bath & a half crowd of RV's were few & far between. The 10 states in 5 days crowd couldn't hack it. It's now been straightened, sterilized, sanitized and McDonaldized. And it stinks. In between getting run over by the above crowd, there is almost no wildlife along the road. The paving hasn't been an improvement as the chuck-holes from frost heaves that used to put a dip & undulation in the road now pass for foxholes from WW II. And since everyone is running at 100 km/hr -- busted rims & suspension replace the old flat tire.

I've done the south coast of Labrador via ferry from Newfoundland and enjoyed it. I'd very much like to do the central wilderness road and ferry back to Newfoundland afterwards, one of my most favorite places in the world. Especially the people.


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We also did that trip four years ago,in August, and really enjoyed it except for the black flies. True, the road is a bit of a challenge. One of our CV joints started acting up but there was a very knowledgable mechanic in Goose Bay who attended to it and we travelled many more kms before we had to change it. Not many places to pull off the road but what an experience. We took the ferry from Goose Bay to Lewisport, Nfld.