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Renting Toronto/Montreal area

Natalie Junior Member # 172 posted 07-10-2000 11:36 PM

I will be travelling from Toronto/Montreal to Halifax this summer (around August 20, for about a week) and am looking into the possibility of renting a camper for the trip. I have been considering purchasing a Westy for some time and thought this might be a great opportunity to try one out. (I've had 13 Volkswagens over the years and loved them all!) Year/model unimportant, as long as it's reliable! If anyone out there has any suggestions, please let me know...

syncrosteve Member # 253 posted 08-08-2000 10:41 AM

Hi Natalie, I'm a new member and trying to hit the right thread. In searching the web I came across the Westphalia Exchange. In keeping with the rules, I won't post the web site, but it claims to be a non profit site to connect Westie owners who exchange use of their Westies for no charge. You could do a search for Westphalia Exchange to find it. They may or may not be what your looking for.

Pierre Jones Junior Member # 309 posted 09-30-2000 01:23 AM

1. Natalie, did you find something? I would like to do the same thing for exactly the same reason but next summer. I also wish to rent before investing a lot of money into something which I think I will like...but one never knows until one tries.

2.Syncrosteve, I tried the site you suggested but could seem to get past a home page with no content. Could you give out the url since it's a .org. I might not have had the right one. Thanks all

Capt. Mike Moderator Member # 11 posted 09-30-2000 05:56 PM

Check the other topics -- there was a full thread on the Westfalia Exchange posted 08-08-2000.