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Just returned from Hecla/Grindstone Provincial Park in Manitoba. It's a Westy kind of place.

Even though the campground is greatly underutilized (my favorite kind) many of the fellow campers were either in Westfalias, wearing Westy clothes or simply were aware of them. A cook at the only restaurant in the area owned a pristine 1985 Westy.

The village of Hecla is an old Icelandic immigrant village on the shores of Lake Winnipeg and the store there is very reasonably priced. We paid $1.14 CAN per liter of gas there when it was $1.22 CAN in Winnipeg.

Lake Winnipeg is the 12th largest lake in the world, but unlike the Great Lakes, the four days we were there it was calm enough to go canoing. Lots of birds and wildlife. Nice modern facilities and private camping spots.


Just west of Lake Winnipeg is one of the wonders of the world, the snake pits at Narcisse (sp?) (north of the city of Winnipeg and west a bit from Gimly Man.) Out in the middle of nowhere is one of the largest snake breeding areas in the world. A short walk from the parking area and you will find several snake pits with hundreds of thousands of (safe) snakes, depending on the time of year. It is a little know spot, with just a sign and a gravel drive, but really an amazing place.


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We live in Winnipeg, and we've been to Narcisse to see the snake pits, as well as to Hecla.
Riding Mountain National Park is another big favourite, as is Otter Falls in Whiteshell Provincial Park.

Looking at the date of jerepowers' post, I wonder if The Winnipeg Folk Festival was on the itinerary. It's an amazing event - 4 days, tons of great music, and 10-15,000 people on any given day behaving like civilized human beings. No visible drunkenness, no vandalism, no fights, and the site is left remarkably clean. I'd say Minnesota plates are the most common, next to Manitoba in the parking lot, although it draws a lot of visitors. You almost have to tie something to the aerial of your Westy so you know which one is yours!

VW had a great idea this year - they raffled off a spot right in front of the main stage (the VWIP tarp) every day, and if you showed your VW keys when you filled out your ticket, they gave away stuff (we got a VWIP Folk Festival '07 T-shirt, a VW canvas bag and two VW-branded bottles of water).

It was a great four days, and well worth a day's drive. Check out their website for more information.


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Winnipeg Folk Festival
I had never heard of the Winnipeg Folk Festival until your post. My wife and I love Winnipeg; it's one of our favorite cities. We like wrapping a six day camping trip with a luxurious stay at the Fort Garry Hotel. We may try the Festival next year or the year after.