Camping with young children


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Hi! we are parents of a 15 months young boy! At night time we have actually a problem finding the best way to set up a bed for him! We'd like to use to cargo space in the back with the back seat as a fence ond something else to make sure that he will not jump over the seat! What have you use to make sure that your kids were safe at night, a fence or something??


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We have two girls and when they were young we used a "fence" that has legs that tuck under a mattress. They are available at most kid's stores. We would tuck the legs under the forward part of the lower bunk. That way they wouldn't feel as trapped in the back and had more space.
The best solution to not having them crawl around in the back at bedtime was to take them for a nice long walk around the campground before bedtime (while the spouse cleans up dinner) so they were wiped out. At your son's age, we would put them in a backpack carrier during the walk. They would usually be asleep by the time I got back to the van and we would just lay her down already asleep.
Of course there were nights that we would have to pack up the van and go for a drive to get them to settle down. Nothing like the hum at 40mph to knock a kid out!
Good Luck.


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We have two kids 4 and 2. We tried the fence thing and they hated it so we do the best we can with walks trying to make sure they are good and tired before bed time. Sometimes we just have to let them stay up later that normal. If we have a fire they are usually content with sitting on our laps.
We each sleep with one of the kids, we only have had one accident with one child falling out of the top bunk(please dont report me to the authorities). Now we build a wall at the front end so he cannot fall out during the night.
My two year old loves to get into the cabinets, she once got into the tall clothers locker and closed the door. After a brief panic we found her contently playing with a flash light. One problem we have is that they are determined to turn on and off every switch they can find. When I start the van after a night sleep I can be assured that the wipers and fans will be on full blast. I have to take the stove knobs off so that they don't turn the gas on.
We have four duffle bags, each a different color, to keep everbodys stuff semi-organized. I have found it best to have a no shoes rule when in the van. I plan to replace the carpeting but not until they are older and less messy.
Generally people think we are crazy to camp with the kids but we have a GREAT time and I can not think of a better familly activity. I sometimes get frustrated but try to remember to let the kids be kids and remind myself of how mush of an adventure it is for them.


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We have an 18-month old and he sleeps in a portable crib (ours is a Graco pack 'n' play or something like that) downstairs. The crib fits width-wise with the bench folded up or down. We usually sleep upstairs so we leave the bench folded up. The back deck area is full of gear and we don't have to mess with it every night. The crib folds up and stows away in the back fairly easily and, if the weather's nice, we can let the little guy take his afternoon nap outside since we have the handy crib with us...


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For around $300.00 we got a "side tent" ( it has a bedroom for two kids and attaches directly to the side of the bus where the sliding door is - I love the thing - me and hubby put the kids to bed and have the run of the bus - we can watch a movie in peace or do "whatever" after the kids go to bed (yay)