Camping with an Odyssey

Gary B. Dixner

New member
Having sold our Westy, my wife and I decided to try camping in our Honda Odyssey. I removed the two middle seats and folded the rear seat down (unique to the Odyssey and dozens of old station wagons). Built a platform in three sections that installs in extreme rear of van. Put an air mattress on top and stored our stuff underneath. Placed a neat little Igloo heater and cooler behind the driver's seat that plugs into cigarette lighter socket (Honda calls them power outlets). Will add more stuff as experience dictates. Bought a tent-like device from a company called Campmor that installs over the rear hatch and ties down to rear bumper. It doesn't increase floor area but gives more space visually and has tent-like flaps and screens for ventilation. Then I lay awake all night, listening to the cooler motor, thinking how much I miss the Westy. Oh well! There's no substitute for a Westy. Don't even think it.