Camper World

Capt. Mike

Camper World is a huge RV oriented supplier. Most of the stuff is geared towards the 3-bedroom, bath & a half crowd so of little use to Westy owners. They are a big supplier of awnings and have been recommended as a source for the A&E 2500 found on many Westies.

However, understand that despite their size, they are not necessarily customer oriented or interested in solving problems. The are basically FULL RETAIL, with prices at the upper end of most items. A lot of their stuff is pure junk overhyped. Some of it downright fraud such as the ' electronic mosquito repeler'.

They use a questionable "Presidents Club" scheme to reduce prices IF you pay a healthy membership fee. I've always held the opinion that if the prices are that high, they'd do a lot better reducing them for all customers to increase sales.

IF you can catch a sale and some other promo together, such as $5 shipping, it might pay to join the Presidents Club one time for a major purchase such as that awning. I doubt any Westy owner could justify continuous membership on the few items they might purchase long run. It takes several hundred dollars a year to break even.

Their web site is a nightmare if you have any security settings on your browser. It tries to place hundreds of permanent cookies, which with my settings of requiring authorization, means it locks up the computer continuously. If you set your browser to disable cookies, it won't allow you into their site at all. Highly unethical!

What is bothering me more & more is the lack of customer service. Complaints to the webmaster, customer service and even direct to the president David Gavin are routinely ignored, even 2nd copies.

What prompts the establishment of this topic is another site member recently asked my source of a Reliance product I use & recommend. She had been told by Camper World they didn't even "list" that company. Yet they have a page full of that company's products in every catalog? Hogwash! My interpretation -- he/she didn't feel like doing their job because it was out of the ordinary, even though it was a particular product they sold for many years. That pretty much mirrors my experiences in a couple of their stores -- everybody is clueless and doesn't want to be bothered.]


your right about their prices. when i got my fridge for my westy with their join the club discount they beat everybody out on pricing. but after that almost everybody here in denver is cheaper except for specials. their store is interesting to walk around in when i am looking for ideas though. the store here in denver seems to do most of its business fixing the monstors and selling the monstors.

82 westy