Camp fires

Capt. Mike

With all the talk of extra heaters & heat INSIDE the camper, how about some ideas on outside?

Here's one to start it off.

There are a couple of companies that make what are called a "reflector ovens." OK, I've tried it for actual baking and it isn't worth a darn, especially compared to a foldable Coleman oven on the stove. But it does reflect heat. Placed on the opposite side of the fire from the campers, it reflects a surprising amount of heat back toward the campers' side.

There are other ways to relect, such as a large rock or metal plate, but this one is light and foldable. Mine's a Palco brand #300. It folds into a 13" square 1" thick.


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Free fire wood
I'm well known for my habit of stopping the van anywhere there is a pile by the side of the road and picking up furniture, and I have a gorgeous collection of valuable roadside antiques. On a recent camping trip, we were bummed out by the cost of firewood for sale by the side of the road up the Housatonic River, Rte 7 CT, bottom of the Appalachian trail. A few miles from our campsite, we were canoeing by a lake, and I saw a pile of junk by a house construction site. Piles and piles of cedar! wood, cut and corded, for absolutely free. They were throwing away their scrap. It lasted for days and burned with the most aromatic aroma. I even stocked our site for the next camper with the leftovers. Keep your eyes peeled for treasure! (my companions would not let me stop for the fresh killed deer by the side of the road. that is, ahem, another topic.)