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Coachella Valley

Indio Dune Buggy
81-211 Indio Blvd.
Indio, CA 92201
(760) 347-4406

It's a basically an air-cooled VDub shop, but the owner loves Westies. These guy's know their stuff and are always fair.
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Santa Barbara

Vic at Martyn Motors is awesome. I was passing through and losing my timing belt and he got me in the next day and let me work on some other things while he was changing it. Both trusting and trustworthy -and he gave me my next three stops up the coast which were all great. He worked quickly and accurately. Very recommended. He also does TDI conversions for Vanagons. Say hi from Adam.

Martyn Motors
725 E. Haley Streeet
Santa Barbara, CA

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Berkeley Mechanic

I used to go to Precision Peoples' Car Repair, but now I go to o The Bus Lab, on downtown Berkeley on 2036 Blake Street, just off of Shattuck. 510-841-6400. It is owned by a couple of younger guys and all they work on is busses, mostly VWs. I guess Berkeley has enough vans to keep them in business. They are great, reasonable prices, and very knowledgeable.

I would no longer recommend Precision because something just felt funny about them. I can't give a specific reason, however. Bauer's Automotive is no longer owned by the original owner, and the current owners really don't know VWs


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JC's Import Car Service
2803 Edison Hwy
Bakersfield, 93307
(661) 327 9684

Jean Claude (JC) is semi-retired, so call him to make sure he knows you're coming and he can be there. His business phone is a cell, so he's easy to get a hold of.

One of my CV joints went south on a Sunday, and he met me Monday morning to help with the repair. Very friendly, I was the only car he worried about all day long. While waiting for the parts to arrive, he inspected my Westy (which I just purchased) and gave me lot's of good advice with "if you plan to keep it" vs. a "just need to keep it alive" options). He fixed several little things (side marker lights, back up light) in the down time, and diagnosed a rattle (catalyst).
He has his own immaculate subie powered hightop, and clarly know his way around vanagons. His wall is covered with various certificates from VW, Bosch, Audi, Porsche . . . .

Remember, he's "retired" so he deals in cash, so you need to keep that in mind. And don't be put off by the location or the appearance of his shop. He's not about appearances, he's about fixing cars, and helping folks like me. He's doing it because he wants to, not because he has to.

I plan to go back when I need future repairs.
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Visalia, CA

Here I am 4 months later with another recommendation. I travel back & forth between Las Vegas and my ranch near Sequoia Park, and this trip Iwas surprised bya a starter that went out.

I was able to find a starter at a local O'Reilly's (not the quality I would have preferred, but it was in stock) and a tow from AAA to:

Visalia Auto Hause
1741 E Main St
Visalia, CA 93292

The guy at Auto Hause was very friendly, and got to work immediately. He found a few maintenance issues and showed me so I could take care of them later. He knew what he was doing and was done quickly. Labor was $90 which I thought was fair, especially the way he focused on my repair and getting me back on the road. Visalia is the closest major city to my Ranch, so I'll be back.

From my first call to see if they could replace my starter, to getting back on the road took 2 hrs, including an hour for the wait for the tow truck and the stop at the auto parts store. I was on time to meet my girlfriend flying in to Fresno airport.

I was very happy with the service, and they also made my girlfriend happy!


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The go-to people here are:

Kombi Haus
2635 34th St.
Sacramento, CA 95817


Mostly air-cooled bay window and splittie, but they do some Vanagon work, too.

The Vanagon specialist is:

Stefan's Auto Haus
3950 Attawa Ave.
Sacramento CA 95822


Both of these companies are highly regarded by the local VW community.


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Monterey Area: Pacific Grove

I highly recommend Matteson's Auto Repair in Pacific Grove, which is next to Monterey. They work on numerous brands, but have some smart VW people, and the boss, Darlene, has always given me a great deal and quick service. Matteson's is what a locally-owned small business should be.

Matteson's Auto Repair
234 Grand Ave (next street over from Forest Ave, one block uphill from Lighthouse.)
Pacific Grove, CA 93950
(831) 373-5050


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Hello Community. I am the brand new owner of a Westy. 1989 Westfalia GL Camper Van. I live in Los Gatos, CA (south of San Jose, CA). I need a reputable, reliable repair shop asap! Any suggestions very much appreciated. Thank you! Lori


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Hi Lori....I am quite a fan of Freds Garage in Redwood City, just a bit North of you. Do a Google search to see what Westy owners have to say about them. They work exclusively on VW's and have since 1960. I live in the Bay Area and have been to a few other shops but for the past 8 years Freds is my go-to shop. Very honest family owned shop...most mechanics have been there for 15-25 years. Thats my suggestion...happy and safe travels to ya !!!


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I also live in Los Gatos. I have a 1988 Westfalia

Hello Community. I am the brand new owner of a Westy. 1989 Westfalia GL Camper Van. I live in Los Gatos, CA (south of San Jose, CA). I need a reputable, reliable repair shop asap! Any suggestions very much appreciated. Thank you! Lori

I am alos looking for a good shop sonce Go Westy no longer does service.


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You wont find a better shop than Freds. Maybe coachlh will chime in with their experience at Freds. I live in San Francisco Bay Area and travel to Redwood City for service and maintenance....even simple stuff like an oil change. Here's their phone number if your interested (650) 368-5343.
Happy trails to you,


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SoCal / OC Mechanic & Body Shop Reccos -

I've known Hans since 1975 when he PPI'ed many 914s before "approving" my ultimate `73 2.0 "914S".

Mechanical upkeep since new thanks to Hans Imports in Huntington Beach CA (also for my 914 since 1975, & 325e).

Repaint 2012-13 by Imperial Auto Body in Huntington Beach CA (325e repaint soon, & 914 in 1983 & resto again soon).

Highly Recco both!

Cheers! 🍻