buying a Westy with overheating issues like opening a can of worms?


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Hello everyone, I have been scouring these forums for a few months now and figured its time to join seeing as how my wife and I are looking to purchase one as soon as the right one is available. Being in Los Angeles the prices seem to be pretty solid around the 10k mark for a decent one. With that being said this one just popped up (link below) and I cannot help but want to jump at the opportunity to get a decent deal. Now the seller explains that all it needs is to get all the air out of the cooling system to make sure that it doesnt overheat. Which sounds like a rather simple procedure that I could have a shop take care of and while im at it I figured I would have the whole car looked over for any other issues. So starting at 6k with some repairs to have it running well still sounds like a good price to me.

Would you guys say this is opening a can of worms, or is this something that with the right repairs could be a solid westfalia. Obviously there are other things to consider when buying but I love some of your opinions, it would be greatly appreciated. Having an old bug since I was 16 I know these forums are invaluable and I look forward to the many posts on how to make a future wetsy my own.



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I would locate a Vanagon Savvy mechanic and have a COMPLETE head to toe evaluation of the vehicle PRIOR to purchasing anything. Trust but verify !