British Columbia

I can recommend R&P with no hesitation. They are knowledgable, friendly, meet their comittments and charge a reasonable price...5 stars.

Originally posted by SpitBug:
Rudy & Peter Motors Limited
225 East 2nd ave 879-0491
Import Specialist.

The best parts??

$10 /hour LESS than van wonders, and SAME DAY SERVICE!
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I can highly recommend Ellice Automotive here in Victoria. Neil Gustafson the owner and long time straight shooter has my respect as well as the the other VW mechanics in town. reasonable at $60 per hour they find stuff others seem to miss. i'll keep going back there for the peace of mind. Mike one of the honcho mechanics rebuilds engines and transmissions with a gusto that has to be seen to be appreciated.
Ellice Automotive
545 John street

Dave Hampshire

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Nick, I agree totally, Ellice is awesome. In Feb 03, I was a few minutes away from the Swartz Bay ferry terminal and my accelerator cable broke at the throttle body (79 Westy) and they were waiting when the tow truck arrived with my van at 530 pm. They bumped me to first thing the next morning and was on the boat before noon. Great service and Neil also fixed a nasty stripped spark plug thread the year before for me.



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My first experience with Ellice Automotive in Victoria was very positive....rebuilt the tranny, replaced upper control arm bushings and, at my last second request, repaired the non functioning power mirrors...all within the telephone quote and on time. I like the fact that you can speak to the mechanic actually doing the work.
I believe their shop rate is now $65/hour.

I had previously posted negative comments about Ellice Automotive and am editing those remarks. They completed the transmission rebuild, and despite the fact I have added 3.5 liters of ATF since picking up my '86 GL, everything seems OK.I have been contacted by the owner and visited their facility for a follow up inspection. I can't comment as to whether the follow up was because of my previous post.
Both times I had my Westy serviced at Ellice the mechanics did not clean up their mess inside the van. I don't think a customer should have to request a basic clean up.
In my opinion, Ellice needs to provide more customer service at the point of pick up. 'Rusty' had no coolant leaks before the tranny rebuild yet 2 leaks afterwards. That cost me an extra $270 and a second visit. Ellice is now very familiar with me and I expect any additional servicing of my Westy will be performed to my satisfaction.
I will rate them 3/10 mechanically and 5/10 customer service as it applies to any service personnel telling you what mechanical work they have done, as you are paying the bill.

Examination of trans. filter showed chunks of metal and ATF fluid migrated to transaxle after tranny rebuild at Ellice Auto. I am choosing not to have them do any more work on my Westy despite their offer to have me 'bring it in'.

de Villiers

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I have had great experiences at The Bug Shop; Shane and Eddie really are good.

Hans at Vancouver Transmission on King George Hwy in Surrey runs an honest and competent full-service shop. I am afraid that John at Van Wonder will never get a recommendation from me. The '91 Westy I bought for my mom had been "serviced" there, and consequently came with a number of outstanding maintenance requirements, and my friend Tim bought an '84 Westy with a motor freshly rebuilt by them. It took 14 (FOURTEEN!) return trips to achieve an acceptable level of reliability and satisfaction in the van, and its now for sale because he doesn't trust it to take his family beyond the city limits. Seeya, Jake


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Yes I have been there, the owner the older gentleman is the man of information there. He is really good, but also set in his ways, but a wealth of information and has an incredible ability to fix VW all kinds and is fair. His son is not so informative nor knowledgable who also runs the shop. He has good mechanics and the father over sees that things are done right.
Good Luck
Vancouver BC

'Adria Import Car Service Ltd.' located at 794 East Broadway in Vancouver?

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Wow! I have taken my '72 campmobile to John at Van Wonder for work. However, there seems to be some mixed feelings about the service. i would like to hear more people's experiences before I seek out other service alternatives. My experiences have been positive so far but I just bought the van a short while ago.


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I had the pleasure of having met the people at BEETLE SPA. Very friendly, accomodating, well-informed. I asked them to order a piece for me before getting up to Canada, they did so without asking for credit card number, and when I got there, they put it in without charge. Even though it only took a few minutes, I still appreciated the gesture.


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Hello all,
My first post, I saw some great posting on where to take your Westy for service. Had to add my two-bits.
I have been using Millar's Automotive here in Victoria through two Westy's. It is a Ma and Pop operation, where you are treated with absolute respect and the best I have seen in customer Service and mechanical work. He has a vast background (having worked for years at the dealership doing advanced troubleshooting with the manufacturer). The only unfortunate downside is that since they offer such great service it is a very busy place, with appointments being booked in advance but they do always try to assist you if your stuck though. We started by taking our 81 Westy to him (as the previous owner had used him) and now depend on his shop for all our vehicles including our 85 Westy.

Millar's Automotive
4199 Stillmeadow
Metchosin (Victoria)


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North Vancouver

I have had great service & work by SCAN Automotive in North Vancouver.
The prices are a bit higher than at Van Wonder but service & work are more polished in my opinion. They are very thorough but are a bit more accustomed to working on higher end German and Scandinavian vehicles.

I've just had work done at Van Wonder and was completely satisfied with the service, quality of work, and price.


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Originally posted by de Villiers:

Hans at Vancouver Transmission on King George Hwy in Surrey runs an honest and competent full-service shop.
Have to agree with Jake. Since my former trusted mechanic retired (Rob at Bakerview in Richmond), I've been taking the '92 EVC to Hans and Dan. I've been very happy with the service and communication.


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Hi Nick (et al) thanks so much for the recommendation of Ellice in Victoria. Mike there was very helpful and friendly. He diagnosed our van's problem really quickly (fuel / air intake) and fixed it up in no time and also upon a further request to look at some faults with the lights also kindly attended to that too - then to top it off I was even able to buy a dashboard light bulb so I can now also see the time when driving at night! Thanks Mike and all the team at Ellice. Simon


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Valley West Auto, Summerland BC

Yes, I would highly recommend Klaus at Valley West in Summerland, as well. Very knowledgeable of Westys, very honest and is conscious of costs. Has provided us with a courtesy car while repairing our Westy.
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Vancouver repairs

Hi, I don't see any recent postings about Rudy and Peters VW Repairs in Vancouver. Is this a good place for servicing at reasonable prices for repairs and upkeep on a 91 Westy?
vancouver, penticton,

Just wanted to say a good word about the following places:

Fairview Automotive in Penticton

-great guys who stayed open 30 minutes late while my Eurovan was being towed in from Osoyoos. Let me plug into their electrical and stay the night in the parking lot. Gave me a ride across town in the morning. Diagnosed the rather surprising problem and fixed the van in no time at all, and got me on my way to Vancouver with the loss of only one day.

Beetle Spa in North Vancouver

-more great guys, who did a little bit of follow up work that had been recommended by Fairview, but that I hadnt had time to stay in Penticton for. Very friendly and courteous.

MRO RV Services in Burnaby

-when our propane tank bit the dust, these guys had the required replacement, and got everything fixed within a day. It was a very unwanted (and expensive) repair, but on reflection they too did a good job.
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Euro Wrench Works - Maple Ridge

Euro Wrench Werks is a VW shop in Maple Ridge. Jens and Matt run the shop, with Jens up front as the service advisor and Matt working on the vehicles. Both lads worked at the Maple Ridge VW dealership for years.

I recently took my 92 EVC there and Jens and Matt provided outstanding work --- Matt loves working on EVC's -- he was the "voluntary engine replacement" guy at the Maple Ridge VW dealership back in 1992/1993 when VW had the voluntary recall engine replacement. As a consequence Matt worked on literally dozens of engine replacements and has 10+ years on eurovans. The guy actually likes working on them. Jens is very knowledgeable and, since the shop is new, they are very, very interested in building up a clientele.

They also sell parts for EV's --- my front brake pads were around $85 CDN.
3 - 20214 Lougheed Highway


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I have always taken my 90 westy & 03 jetta TDI to Euro Otto Sport in Port Coquitlam
unit 4 - 1610 Langan Ave Port Coquitlam
Always no nonsense service, fair prices, & years of experience on european cars
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