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I've used various tarps, ropes, poles and trees to set up some shade or rain cover, but I'm now considering getting the Bus Depot Ezy-Awning plus with the free-standing kit, or maybe one of the folding gazebos I've seen at campsites. I'm concerned that the folded gazebos might take up too much space, and wonder if the larger Plus size Bus Depot awning might be a better alternative.

I'd sure like to hear the experience of anyone who uses the Bus Depot awning, a folding gazebo, or something else.

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I have the plus size Esy-Awning from the Bus Depot and love it , it takes about 5 minutes to set up and about the same to take down . Lots of shade or dry space when it is raining , it also takes less space to store than a folding gazebo .


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i have been camping for over7 yrs withjust a ez up awning from wal mart, cheaper, mores uses for family gatherings. there are draw backs on it which are far less than anythinng out there.
one of the best ones is leaving a camp site and if the weather gets wet i know my stuff will be dry.


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We were just going throught that same dilema... Based on the cost benefit, we decided to go with this... It's the Alcove Shelter from REI... Worked perfect this past weekend up on Prewitt Ridge (just south of Big Sur, CA). We added the wind protector option which was great on the breezy ridge...


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