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kevinl23. Junior Member, 04-13-2001 06:26 PM

Anyone ever ordered AVP rebuilt heads or a longblock through the Bus Depot, or direct for that matter? I am curious of the quality AVP puts into their product.

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Have you gone to their website, www.avp-worldwide.com ? I did; first thing I found was the "quality page" link is dead.

I also read the FINE PRINT in the warranty -- suggest you do that very carefully. ALL work requires pre-approval; maximum payment is only original installation rate and then limited to $36 per hour, about half what most dealers charge these days. Return procedures, paperwork, CORE procedure, etc., are all very tight & legalistic. Buyer pays all up front costs and time frames seem excessive. For example CORE deposits, shipped prepaid with prior approval, take 90 days.

That's a lot of time to hold my money -- see if they'll return the favor and let you hold their engine for 90 days before paying for it?
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Their warrantee is what it states; if you want to pay for a dealer in every major city that knows little or nothing about air-cooled or WBX engines, go ahead and pay VWoA (Canada) twice as much for their remans. AVP has a good reputation locally (Sacramento) and at least in the past had a standing invitation to visit their facility on a walk-in basis. Despite their small print, they shipped and reshipped parts as needed, promptly gave my core charge back and generally made sure things were done right. I'm now at 22k on a rebuilt WBX (1.9 stroked to 2.1, avoids many of the problems either original engine had) without any problems.


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Does anyone have current information about AVP? I am thinking about getting a motor from them but most of the posts I read about rebuilt engines are all bad.



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You must not have read the many posts on this site on rebuild vs. reman, or the posts on the other suppliers of rebuilds. There is a ton of information in the ENGINE and PARTS forums on both.
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Several years ago, I installed an AVP rebuilt longblock in a customer's Vanagon. This, BTW, was not my first time doing this swap! The engine blew one head gasket totally out (the rubber coolant gasket) within 500 miles. AVP covered ONLY the parts, no labor, to do it over. The customer drove it home (20 miles) and the other gasket let go. Upon tearing down the second side, I realized what the problems were: AVP had used Permatex aviation sealer (the liquid, non-drying type meant for paper gaskets or metal/metal sealing) on the innner groove of the gasket, and ordinary black silicone sealant on the flat side of the gasket. These, coupled with the fact that the new AMC heads have a very smooth finish in the sealing area, AND that AVP paints the aluminum block (!!!) caused the gasket to slide out of place under heat and pressure. AVP replied that "it is not out fault, YOU did not bleed the system properly. HOGWASH! I had several long and fruitless chats with Leonard, he never backed down even with my representing my finds. Funny, after using the PROPER sealants, and stripping away the painted sealing area, this van has now logged over 20K miles, some of it in desert heat with the AC running. In my opinion, there is NO reason for a company such as AVP to cut corners in such an important area. I now only use and recommend Boston Bob engines.

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jpollock Member posted December 12, 2003 12:53 AM

Not sure where to drop this, so I thought chat would be appropriate. [Moderator Note: Nope; AVP has it's own topic!]

This site has been helpful, and has given me the courage to replace my engine on a 87 Westy. I found very little about AVP rebuilders, however visited the shop in Sacremento to see if they were worthy of my business. It is a home operation, however the shop is outstanding, very clean with more VW specialized tools, presses etc than I've seen to date. Leonard is the owner and he does excellent work. I ordered heads from Peter of Volks Cafe which are rebuilt by Tuttle out of LA. I then had AVP Worldwide create a long block using those heads, and they in fact offered a 12K 12Month warranty on the engine even though they were not heads done in thier own shop. I have 31 miles on my new Westy and are very pleased with the work.

The only item to come up was discussion of the TDC sensor. Both Volkscafe and AVP indicate that the engine does not require the TDC sensor, and in fact it is not used by the ECM. This seemed odd to me, and have not re-installed my old one; in fact it is a dealer only part. Does this seem reasonable that the TDC sensor is not used?

I'd like to report my long-term experience with AVP and will do so in a few months in the rebuilders post.

Thanks for a great site Capt.

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TDC sensor questions belong in the FI forum. They are used in diagnostics, not by the ECU, so the vehicle runs w/o them but certain diagnostic methods will no longer be available.


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I am currently going thru an engine replacement for my 85 westy. I made the sad mistake of purchasing the 2.1 upgrade from THE BUS DEPOT. I bought the engine from them 1.5 years ago now and have yet to drive more than 1,000 miles. The first engine they sent went less than 800 miles, yes that is 800, not 8,000. It had more than one fatal flaw including not one but 2 bad heads and also a leak down on the rings of at least one cylinder. When I called bus depot,who were happy to take my money, they just pass me on to AVP. they are a third party engine builder that Bus Depot uses. Bus Depot does absolutely nothing to back up this product. I am left to fight it out with AVP

I just got my van back with the SECOND BUS DEPOT replacement engine after more than a year of headaches, towing costs, additional expensive repairs due to attempts to skirt the issue by the engine builder, missing multiple road trips and sitting on the side of the road. now with the SECOND ENGINE from BUS DEPOT/AVP. I also had to pick up more installation costs to have their bad engine removed and to reinstall their replacement engine.

So now I have gone less than 100 miles and there is an oil pressure problem. This is also an internal issue. AVP is again wanting me to jump thru hoops to prove it is not something other than what it probably is which is a bad oil pump or clogged oil way

So basically I have spent 1.5 years and thousands upon thousands of dollars to install two useless engines from Bus Depot and AVP, and its not over yet.
I can only imagine what other atrocities lie inside these engine cases. I suspect if you have one of their engines and its running, its only a matter of luck and time. I could go on and on about this issue and all the ridiculous things AVP made me go thru while they tried their best to find a melted heat tab so they could void my warranty but it would be a novel.

SIDE NOTE: BTW I replaced the entire cooling, fuel injection, and ignition system upon first installing the new engine and had them all checked again upon installing the second engine for those who like to blame other systems

I repeat