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The Propex Heatsource 1800

Hi Todd,

This thing just rocks! Can't say enough about this heater. It isn't cheap, but it cranks out the heat and wasn't all that big a deal to install. It fits right under the bench seat and the thermostat is by the closet.

See the attached picture of the unit installed. This is looking down into the storage area under the bench seat. It's easy to install a shelf over the unit so you still have storage and the heater is out of site.

BTW, it's really cool to set the thermostat hear it come on from time-to-time during the night. It vents outside, too.


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Anybody ever seen one of these??

Has anyone ever seen one of these before? I saw it on a craigslist ad for a 74 westy: It seems to run on the propane tank, and seems to be a hot air radiator, with the intake and exhaust air venting under the car!


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Re: The Propex..

With a ducted unit like the propex, would it be possible to install it in the bottom of the closet?

Wouldn't this fix the noisy fan noise problem?

I know that there would be more heat wasted with the longer ducting, but wouldn't this work?

Or, would the fan noise just be moved closer to your head when you're sleeping?

I am considering getting a propane heater for my camper for the winter, but I don't want to install anything that doesn't look like it belongs there.

And I have 1 (+1 on the way) kids, so anything hot needs to be away from where fingers can go. (so a portable catalytic is out of the question)

.... if a guy had a console built for between the front seats, could the propex be plumbed in there?


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:eek: What year, what model? Guideline #3! A ducted unit like the Propex can be installed under the car in the chassis, much in the way the factory did the Eberspracher units, and then just duct the hot air into the cabin. You would have to fabricate and install appropriate weather-proofing and damage guards. The picture attached is the guard and weather shield I installed for the pump, filter and electrics of an auxiliary fuel tank I have. In this case, there was no reasosn to encase the entire tank, but the prinicple remaind the same. Despite some extreme weather and off-road, the pump equipment has remained clean and undamaged.


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Mine is a 91 Westy..

I was thinking the console mount would save some $$$ then I could buy one of the cheaper units.

Mounting the propex on the exterior and ducting the hot air in would be a great option..

I guess I'll start saving my pennies..

Does anyone have any pictures of such an external installation? All the pictures of the propex I've seen involve cutting the inside somewhere..
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An update on my post from 2/2/08:

I still love the Propex, and I have made it even better. I picked up a 3" flexible ducting tube and I run the heat right out of the Propex into the bottom of my covers. Laying in bed on night, freezing, with the Propex cranking out heat, I realized that the only place I really wanted the heat was under my covers. The next day I picked up the ducting tube and a 4" radiator clamp.

Not taking any chances, I pulled the Carbon Monoxide detector off the wall and put it right under the covers with me! Good thing is the heat only runs for about 10 minutes before I get into bed. It is a remarkable solution and could certainly be modified to feed heat to both beds if necessary.

mike m

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Picture 029.jpgWhen I bought my 83 1/2 Westy in 2002 the previous owner had installed an atwood 18,000btu furnace, he put it in the area where the back storage unit is infront of the back seat. There is an electronic thermostat on the wall infront of the back storage area. The furnace is vented out the side and is tied into the propane line ( I attach an extra 5gal. propane tank as a back up the the main 3gal tank, I connect it to the fill fitting ) When I awake in the morning I turn it up to 70 to warm up. As a side note the first winter that I got the Westy I went Elk hunting with somem buddies, I had set the thermostat at 50 just to warm up and was concerned that it would not cycle off. When I voiced my concerns I was informed ( you damn fool it's only 3 degrees outside it's never going to cycle) once I put the top down, no problem, lesson learned.


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I have updated my Propex installation mentioned and pictured above (post #62) and it is really the best thing in the world. After running the hot air into the van for a few years, I realized that I didn't really care about the inside temperature of the van. I wanted to be warm under the covers.

I now take the output of the Propex into a manifold mounted where the original rear heater used to live. There are two male outputs coming through the old vent hole. I bought some high temperature tubing (250 degree rated) and I run the output right under my covers! I run the heater for about 10 minutes before getting into bed and it's insane. I actually laugh out loud every time I get in bed. The 2nd hole is for the top bunk which has a longer tube. If I'm alone I just plug the other hole.

I sleep with the Carbon Monoxide sensor under my covers just for extra safety... That heater is the best thing in the world. It runs for my night/morning bed warmings for 5 days off the stock tank and that's even while I'm running the fridge.

Happy in Northern CA.



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90 westy
I am getting ready to take the plunge and install a vented propane furnace. LookI got at the Propex and Atwood units. Does anybody have any new insights to share on this topic?
thanks in advance.