Automatic transmission problems

Can you tell where it is leaking from? Is it from the pan? The fluid does drain back into the pan when you are not driving, so if it's a pan leak it would leak more when it is parked, although I would think it would leak pretty consistently after you parked it.
It appears to be dripping from the area of the oil drain, but it also drips forward from that. I have the sense that the fluid is running to a low spot from which it eventually drips.


After watching a Utube video on an axel replacement, and watching my own level after driving getting the transmission hot, I now have over 5 quarts in mine.

Edit; I have more than 5 in my transmission, but I will need to reduce the level.

Start with 5 and then adjust accordingly. I will monitor it when the temperature gets warmer. As a note, I drained the fluid while the car was in the driveway, not raised on ramps. The driveway has a slight incline nose of Escape was slightly higher.

I hope this helps someone else, please post any corrections that are needed. Thanks.

By the way, what vehicle record databases do you use? I recently found Vinchain. I found good pre-owned 2006 Ford F550 . I'm glad that i got vin report on Vinchain before buying. It had mechanical damage. Be safe and consistently run vin number lookup before buying.


Yes I know about Loobman. Its brilliant in its simplicity. Created by a courier rider in London, I believe.

Ive seen guys use a vacuum petcock valve or a solenoid for automatic control. I found a new solenoid on eBay for like 5 but Ill have to see if a solenoid for this kind of price is any good.