Auto.-Transmission seems not engaged


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Hi all,

Recently, I removed the automatic transmission, replaced all seals and o-rings, plus a needle bearing and the turbine shaft rings, everything else looked fine.

Today I put everything back together. The torque converter was engaged and the pump shaft was in place. However, after starting the engine there was a constant "klicking" noise coming from the torque converter (?) And when I switched gears D, 1, 2 or R it wouldn't do anything (van still on jack stands). I added an external oil filter and had most of the old fluid drained from the torque converter. I filled the transmission with a sufficient amount of Dextron ATF.

I quite sure that the torque converter did not drag the pumpshaft out of the oil pump.

Does anybody have a 'clear' idea what I was doing wrong or missing?

Please help!