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My wife and I have just completed 2 months in the southwest and have 2 mechanics to rave about for the great service they gave our 1987 vanagon.

The first is in Mesa Az, German Auto Repair at 2221 W. Broadway Rd Phone #968-4613.

Bill and Kay Rozar
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Stefan Clifford

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I'm going to reply to my own question for the rest of you. After much research, questioning, and pondering, I finally figured out who I would have tackle my cooling problems on my 84 westy. I have owned a 96 Passat for 4 years, and have had no luck bringing it to any other shop than the dealership. The dealer always knew what was wrong and always fixed it without any problems. I was also building a great relationship with my service advisor. So after I lost my colant, I decided I'd take the blow to my wallet and take it to where I trusted the work that would be done. Everything turned out great and it was even cheaper than I expected! Not only was my service advisor helpful, but I was allowed to go back into the shop and talk to the foreman and my tech to get real advise! The shop foreman even told me that their favorite car to work on is ther Vanagon, because they find them much more simple to work on that the newer VW's, like my Passat. This place rocks and I'd suggest them highly to anyone else on the Tucson area.
Beaudry Volkswagen
4500 E. 22nd Street
My service advisor: Shawn Carano


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I have had good work done by D & K import repair here in Yuma. Dave knows a lot about Westies and if something is not right, he fixes it and stands behind his work. Susan Hall

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Hi folks:
If you ever need to be in good hands, here's my #1 choice: Stuttgart AutoHaus Inc
614 E. Glenn
Phone 884-8800
Not only is the mechanical skill amazing, they are very nice people. I arrived on their lot 15 minutes before closing, completely frazzled, and they not only guaranteed I would drive my van out of there the next day,(which I did,) they drove me to a hotel, on their tab, and offered many soothing words.


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Beware of terrible mechanics! I smelled fuel and thought I had a small leak. I called my neighborhood mechanic, who advised me by phone that I'd be fine driving my '84 Westie to his shop three blocks away. When I got there, he looked at the van and said, "Yeah, you've got a fuel leak! It's dripping on the ground."

That's creepy enough, and I was no Einstein for taking his initial advice to drive after I sniffed gas. But I was proved a bigger fool by leaving my van with him for a simple fuel line replacement; he appeared ashen-faced at my door two hours later, to let me know that he had started it up--and started it on fire.

He runs a one-man-show, and couldn't push it to his hoist himself, so Einstein Jr. decided to start up my vehicle that had been dripping gas for a couple hours, and it went off like a mini-nuke.

Aside from his obvious need for brain-function testing, he fried all my expensive electronics. I browbeat him into towing it to a specialty shop and he paid a slim $250 towards what turned out to be a $2,000 repair job. I found out from his insurance broker that he had deliberately chosen NOT to get a policy that included damage to vehicles while he was driving them.

There are two lessons here: Don't trust every neighborhood mechanic just because they're convenient. This mechanic is Jeff Morgan, and he owns Morgan's Auto Shop, 890 E. 19th St. in Tucson, AZ. Avoid him like the wrench-wielding plague.

The other lesson: It's worth paying to have VW experts do things right. The repairs were done perfectly by Stuttgart Autohaus, 614 E. Glenn St., also in Tucson. They aren't cheap, but their work is top-shelf and they cut me a break, given the circumstances. I highly recommend them.


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I also am really very favorably impressed by Stuttgart Autohaus. Our van was there and they were fantastic. I only wish there was a shop like theirs in Las Cruces, NM.