Amperage for a 1977 Westfalia (with aux battery) - can I go with less than 90A?


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Hi, I have a 1977 Westie and need to replace the alternator. The original alternator was 90 Amps (it might be 95) and I am having a VERY hard time finding a replacement that fits with that amperage. All I can find are 70A or 50/55 AM.

Is there anyone who is running their similar bus on a 70 Amp alternator? Or should I keep with 90 amps?

Thanks all!


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If all you can find is a lower rated alternator then go with the highest rating that you can find. The Amp rating is what the unit is capable of producing and that gives you an idea of how much 'charge' you can put back into the battery (electrical system). The only limitation this should give is that it will take longer to charge a 'low' battery and you will be able to run less accessories before the alternator cannot keep up with demand. But, if this is the only alternative then you should be OK.