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In Edmonton Alberta and I can recommend a Darsh VW Repairs.
located at 118 ave & 50st. Which is not to hard to get to from the Highway #2.

If you need help give me a call 780-419-7375 LA and Glen
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I have also dealt with Basco Parts on the southside just off of Whyte Avenue. They have been very helpful, are cheaper than a dealer and actually get VW parts quicker than two dealers I have talked to. They have a web page at


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I used to use Basco for my '66 Bug. Very helpful, even when you are doing your own repairs. They never hesitated to talk me through a difficult repair (I tend to do 99% of my repairs, like to know how stuff works). Now that I have an '85 Westy I would shure like to find a shop in Calgary where the service is as good.

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Tony's Auto - Calgary

Seizure_C Junior Member # 846 posted 05-30-2001 03:43 AM

TONY's Auto Service VW specialists located at 611 11th Ave S.E., (downtown) Calgary Alberta, CANADA. ph: (403)266-3397
The absolute best in the city for older VW's. I have a '75 Westy and have been to various shops over the years, nobody comes close.

miket Member # 430 posted 06-28-2001 06:21 PM

I absolutely agree! This shop not only replaces or fixes things only when needed, they go out of their way to give helpful advice too. I have had work done on my '95 Jetta, '80 and '88 vanagons. I have highly recommended them to anyone I know looking for good VW work.

Calgary Great VW Mechanic

Mark Adam Junior Member # 251 posted 08-06-2000 02:36 PM

Cher Auto & R.V. & V.W.
3601-2nd St. N.E. Calgary, AB

Had a great experience with this shop in Calgary when we needed work done on our way through. Great fast service, does only what needs to be done, uses Bosch etc. parts. He was great and is a VW fanatic!

Shona Junior Member # 1183 posted 06-28-2001 08:11 PM

I AGREE! CHER auto is fantastic. I had found a 1989 on the net and had the owner take it to Cher for an inspection. They did a fantastic inspection, very thorough. They faxed me the inspection (long distance). It turns out, however, that the owner of the vehicle told the mechanics that he was to get the original inspection papers and he would give it to me. The owner of the vehicle then turned around and sold the vehicle to someone else 4 hours after I had the inspection completed (possibly using my inspection that I paid for to sell it ) and pretended to me that he didn't have the papers. It was a crappy thing to do and when I phoned Cher to ask if the owner had been given a copy they were AWESOME. They phoned the owner, gave him hell, phoned me back and told me not to worry and that they would keep an eye out for me. If any of you have a chance to go to Cher in Calgary, please do so. They aren't just good mechanics, they are very kind and compassionate individuals. Next time I'm in Calgary, they are getting a 2/4 from me!

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BC VW fan

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I'm writing to point out that Cher Auto may not be the best place for the water-cooled vanagon. Please read my post in the "Technician in the Rockies" section about my trip.

What I'd like to point out here is that Cher Auto has failed to 1) bleed the cooling system the correcty way (from the radiator) and they have used the wrong coolant as well 2) add the engine oil to the proper level (they added about half liter too much. it may be o.k. for the engine but they're supposed to be a VW specialists. ???) 3)take my travel partner's advice to check whether there's a leakage on my water pump, which then failed completely 200 Kms later the next day pass Lake Louise.

One of the owners at Cher Auto does have several type 2 buses and campers but I doubt it they're really that good servicing water-cooled vanagon. Or I just didn't have good luck.

Apparently S.E. VW dealer does have on technician who's good at water-cooled vanagons. Can't remember his name (recommended by Brian in Golden, BC) but if any members know about it, please let me know.


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I use Westside Automotive 10010-168 Street, 489-8021. See Rob, he is a part owner with his Dad. They run a very honest and friendly shop. Everyone that I have delt with there are VW junkies like the rest of us.

Mike '91 Vanagon GL Westfalia

Mike Robinson

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I agree with kaimyk, Westside is a good place to take your vehicle.

They look after my '87 Golf Cabriolet and '82 Diesel Westy.

A good solid company that keeps to their estimates.



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Stranded in Edmonton this weekend, logged on to to find a recommended garage. I picked Basco as it was the closest to me. Al was very helpful, squeezed me in on a Monday and got me on my way. Great service and great price. My 85 Westy camper rides again. Thanks a bunch.

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jgalaska Member Posted September 27, 2005 10:38 AM

I feel comfortable recommending MID-TOWN SERVICE on 4730 1st Street SE in Calgary. Phone: (403)255-3008

I needed a an oil change when driving through there on a Thursday before a 3 day weekend. I called TONY'S and they were fully booked so they gave me Mid-Towns' number. I explained that I was travelling through from Alaska and he made room for me the following day.

His name is Jorg Scholl, runs the shop with his wife (very mechanically savvy); his father had it before him; all are from Germany. Works only on VW, BMW and Mercedes. On another trip through there he also took me in at the last minute to repair a leaky gas tank line. Takes his time, very clean shop, explains things well, reasonable rates.

Ludwig van

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While we were on holiday in Banff, we started hearing a steady squealing noise from a rear wheel. The axle nut was loose, so I tried tightening it with a hammer and chisel. No luck. Many calls later, we talked to Stevo Auto clinic in Calgary. They agreed to look at it the next day at 1:00. I gave my M/C no. and offered to pay for new bearings even if not needed, just so they'd be waiting when we arrived. We left Stevo the van for about 3.5 hours. They tightened both axle nuts - no bearing needed. They sent the bearings back and didn't charge us, and the labour was only 1/2 hour. We lost a day, but had no further trouble. Needless to say, we're very pleased with the way we were treated. By the way, Cher Auto appears to be gone - I couldn't reach them by phone.


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Some very sad news for all Edmonton classic VW owners, BASCO is no longer working on air cooled VW's.
As a side note, Westside in Edmonton replaced some fuel lines for me and after I got home I noticed that all the new lines were loose and leaking fuel all over my engine compartment in the back of my '71 Kombi.
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