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I just bought a really well cared-for 82 Vanagon Westfalia.

This being my first Vanagon -but not first VW- I wasn't quite prepared for the limited driver space; I'm 6'5, not exactly svelte and it's rather cramped in there.

Changing out the steering wheel would give some needed relief. The question is, what wheel might work best, what diameter would be a good compromise between what I have and what would give some space? I recall reading somewhere that a steering wheel from a Porsche 944 works well, but would rather stay with something more easily acquired.

Any experiences anyone could lend would be great. And before I get admonished by Capt. Mike to read the archives-- they never work! I always get a page unavailable error!

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I found that a steering wheel from a VW Passat (do you have those in the States?) fits the splines perfectly, although needs a bit of fiddling with the column to get the self-cancelling to work.

This wheel is 14''. It makes steering a bit harder work around town but is fine on the motorway. I am a big fellow too and I find the trade-off between strength and extra legroom is a price worth paying.

My only real gripe is that the smaller wheel obscures the view of the instruments. I can't see a way round this so I might have to put the stock wheel back on there and look around for something in between.

If you find a good wheel, let me know!


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Steering Wheel

bad juju, my steering wheel wrap finally died, there is nothing out there I can find for this 17 1/2 inch wheel so does anybody have any good ideas of how to make one perhaps. just throwing this post out there cause I couldn't find a better place to put it, thanks and have fun camping n traveling

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There are a number of good slip-on steering wheel covers for various size wheels at the aftermarket stores and catalogs. I had the same problem with my Dodge truck and having been using such a cover for several years now, with no problems and good feel. There are a number of steering wheel refurbishing and recovering shops for the antique automobile industry. Best place to look is Hemmings Motor News, as posted in the SUPPLIERS forum.
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