Aftermarket Rear-Window Wipers & Washers

1964~79 VW Type 2, Rear-Window Wiper System

Back in 1990, I developed a pantograph rear- window wiper system (sweeps more than 50% of the total window area), for my British specification, 1973 VW 1600 Type 2 Westfalia Continental campervan.

This is an adaptation of the SWF system, fitted to the 1979~84 Vauxhall Astra Mk.1 & Opel Kadett D Estate Cars (i.e. Station Wagons). Vauxhall and Opel are marques of the European Division of General Motors.

A wiper-arm mounted, 4-nozzle washer jet housing, of the same type as fitted to the Mercedes Vito vans (model with top-hinged rear hatch, rather than doors), is probably the most practical window washer jet system. The Ideal, would be SVD wash/wiper blades from Sweden.

My article about this wiper system, was published in VW Motoring Magazine, December 1996, Pages 85 & 86. A similar article was published in the October 1996 issue of Transporter Talk (British VW Type 2 Owners' Club magazine) and is available as one of the Club's Technical Information Sheets.

I have since prepared a comprehensively documented and illustrated, Modification & Installation Manual, which is available, together with a limited supply of pantograph rear-window wiper systems.

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