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Too-deep unit

Thanks for your advice--that's just what I needed to know. I suspected that the wall wasn't just there for no reason! Since the fit is so close, I'm pretty sure I can make up a shim that will work.

And from now on I'll take Crutchfield seriously when they say it won't fit!


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how do i enhance my sound?

I've got an '89 syncro westy, 103K miles. A few years ago I replaced the stock cassette radio and speakers w/ a 40 watt/channel Pioneer CD player and speakers I got from Crutchfield. They are much better than the original but still the sound is a beat weak and thin. I don't remember the exact speakers I got but they are co-axials and fit into the original speaker holes, both front and back.

My question get louder, better quality sound, especially while driving, do I add an amplifier or a sub-woofer. Or both?

Thanks to anyone who can offer some advice. There are not a lot of us westyphiles out here in Montana.



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I am installing anew radio in my 87 westy and understand the speakers are interconnected for the grounds.What do i do with the ground wires from the radio if I don't want to rewire the entire bus