Aftermarket CD changers & iPod add-ons

Capt. Mike

A question on factory CD changers prompted this new topic. It is reserved for AFTERmarket add-on CD changers and other equipment to existing systems.

My Westy came with the Blaupunkt AM/FM/Cassette stereo. Making cassettes for the road from existing or new albums has become too time-consuming and most of the new music comes in CD anyway. Plus there are size considerations and the ability to burn CD's on most computers.

I've considered adding a CD changer, but most of the older OE equipment does not have the input jacks. I've noticed several 'wireless' CD changers on the market that appear to transmit on stereo FM to an idle fequency on the existing radio. This would maintain the 'factory' system. Does anyone have any experience with such an accessory and their effectiveness?

Such a wireless system would seem to have the added advantage of portability and be able to be moved to different vehicles since the only hard-wiring would be the power source, which could be installed with quick-connect plugs in multiple vehicles. It could also provide a layer of theft protection by being removed when not in use.



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Problem is they sound real bad. Reception gets lost and the quality of audio is real bad sometimes. The next step up, but along the same lines as a FM playthrough, is to get one of those FM devices that you connect your antenna lead to it and then this device connects to the antenna jack on the radio. The device then blocks out the radio station of your choice 100% so it gets no interferance at all, and you put the radio to that one station when you want to play through on the iPod. The iPod connects via RCA jack to the device so you can run a cable to it under the dash. I hear you get better playback and it is cheap to do. These devices can be found on eBay. Then of course they have more adpaters you can get to really connect an iPod but I like the FM Modulator Direct Connect option as it is cheap and supposed to give you good quality. That is my plan. tj


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I personally just use a cassette adapter and my iPod and it works great. If I was going to purchase a new stereo, I would definitely look for one that has an audio input. I have never really had good success with the FM transmitters. I got one of those dashboard sticky pads that I can put my iPod on. It prevents it from sliding around and keeps it from falling off. You can also easily adjust the iPod controls while driving.