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I have a 73 westy without a stove or propane hookups, what is the easiest way to add the propane system and stove?


mike k

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yes, i am also interested in adding a propane stove and heater to my '78 westy. i was thinking that a nice place to put the tank would be in the spare tire storage space, since i have mine mounted to the front of the vehicle. Has anyone done this with any success? thanks.

Capt. Mike

mike k:

No -- no -- no!. That exceedingly dangerous. Besides putting the fuel inside the area you're are going to have the open flames, you have the possibility of leaks -- correction, make that probability of leaks -- and whatever escapes and bleeds from filling and pressure relief valve. If you need further incentive, look at the pics site linked from the home page. One of the folders has a leaking 'propane' camper in it.

Both of you, go look at the original P27 systems on the later Type II's with propane. The tank is outside in an excellent location, it's STILL available as it was always made in the US, and the mount is ridiculously easy. Many van conversions use a similar system.

I'll give you the same caution I've given under the adding a fridge posts: DON'T butcher the original cabinetry. It's rare & expensive. Take it out, store it, and build new. It's worth a lot to restorers and the next buyer.

Almost any pop-up trailer camper has the kind of stove you are interested in. Go scour the RV market for ideas & parts.

Heater? I vote no. Get a portable propane using the disposable cartridges as posted elsewhere on this site. Cost effective, convenient, and lightweight. Without taking up the scarce cabinet space of a permanent one.

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I have a '71 Westy w/ the sink/icebox combo. My wife wants to put in a stove in lieu of the sink. I would like to keep the sink. I recently saw pictures of a Dormobile conversion w/ a stove that folds underneath the passenger seat. Does anyone have any ideas on this and how feasible it would be?
Any info would be much appreciated!