AC hose support problems - '90 Westy


The AC in our '90 Westy won't hold a charge for a reasonable amount of time. When the charge is present, the AC does work. Anyway... For various reasons (lack of time, lack of equipment, lack of experience with AC), I've farmed the job out to a shop.

When I brought the Westy in, the high pressure hose between the compressor and the condenser failed enroute (snapped off at the crimp fitting end of the hardware that clamps to the end of the compressor). Obviously, job #1 is to replace that hose. A new hose is NLA. And it gets better.
The guy who's doing the bulk of the work has toasted at least one and, if I get the report right, probably three hose clamps that support the hose between the compressor and the condenser - yeah, one of the two long hoses in the system.

I haven't seen the under-side of the van (it's about 50 miles upcountry from me) but I did get a chance to shoot pictures of one of the clamps. The problem, as I get it, is the central "bolt" that secures the clamp to the floor pan is plastic, or Delrin, or something not-metal and fragile. Since leaving the hoses to drag on the road isn't a good idea (particularly off-road), I have to come up with a Plan B to get these rascals back in place. Once I get a replacement for the compressor to condenser hose.

Here's what the part looks like. The clamp is covered with some miracle anti-rust barrier glop, BTW.

Side towards the road:

Side towards the floor pan:

Side view, floor pan side towards the top of the photo:

Isometric view, pan side to the right:

All I know is the stud, fastener, or whatever goes through the clamp, to hold the hoses against the floor pan, is toast. What can that stud be replaced with, and how's it done? (visions of tearing out the cabinetry w/ fridge to get the floor up are scaring me witless). A lesser question: it seems that the clamp holes for the hoses are two different diameters and the bottom (side towards the road) has a "+" and "-" under each hose - which is which? That is, does the compressor to condenser line get clamped onto the "+" or "-" side?

Somewhat related: the first choice for someone to make a new compressor to condenser hose (the original one failed at the compressor end) passed on the job and choice number two won't do refrigeration lines, only hydraulic lines. Does anyone have a "bet your Westy on it" recommendation for someone who will build a new hose? The best news is someone in the Delaware Valley or Lehigh Valley area. If I need to go to mail order, sobeit. I tried GoWesty, who said "nope" we don't have 'em" (one wonders what happens with a GoWesty re-build with a sick AC...) and very nicely supplied some salvage yard names. Gee, let's spend a bundle replacing a cooked hose for a crufty hose that could die the day after it's installed. PASS!