A Brief History of the VW Type II Bus


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I found a book at the library called "VW Camper - The Inside Story," written by Briton David Eccles. The subtitle is "A Guide to VW Camping Conversions and Interiors 1951-2005." Book was published in 2005 in England. The ISBN number is 1 86126 763 0. Retail price is $34.95. The price on amazon.com is $22.02 plus shipping. It can be seen at amazon.com

This is a basic coffee table book with lots of photos. It covers a wide variety of camper conversions done of the bus. Of its 160 pages there are fewer than 10 about Vanagons; and about 30 for Westfalia completely. Many of the conversions covered were early British and European conversions for post-World War II people who could not afford two vehicles - one for camping and one for commuting. It shows several unusual models including Devon Camping Conversions, Viking, Jack Camping, etc. And it does provide a nice timeline for the whole life story of the VW camper.

Virtually worthless for practical material, but a fun look-see at what was offered.