85' Westfalia with custom paint (inside & out) California Water-cooled $19,500



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This is a long description but hopefully, it will answer most of your questions. I'm always happy to talk on the phone if you'd rather call —> (8o5) 7-two-9-56.O6
Link to YouTube videos at bottom of this post.

This 1985 water-cooled (with 2.1 liter after recent rebuild) is a California, rust-free Vanagon Westfalia Wolfsburg. This van looks better in person than it does in pics. Brand new, customized paint with incredible dash/cockpit area, seats, interior, and exterior paint. You'll never find another like this. And it's a totally rust free California Wolfsburg Westfalia. Link to videos below.....


Looks brand new inside and outside. There are “three” VIDEO LINKS at bottom of page

~~The paint is a high-quality, 2-stage, and 2-tone paint job. There is beautiful "sparkle" added to the blue paint that makes it shimmer in the sun. And the white has a matching blue "color-shift" "pearlescence"...meaning that when the light hits it you can see a ghost color of blue underneath. If you know what I am talking about, then you know how cool this can look. If you don't know what I'm talking about, trust me, it looks awesome.

~~Perhaps the most impressive item is the cockpit. The dash was all painted (properly) in 2-tone white and brown. I think that it looks spectacular. I've never seen any Vanagon with a dash that looks this nice. The cockpit alone demonstrates the care taken by my painter. He's a true artist. This is not some cheap paint that is going to chip off. This was properly applied with a special process (that is above my pay-grade to be able to explain). Simply, it won't chip off.

~~On the inside, the seats are completely custom with white vinyl to match the external and internal white paint.

~~Additionally, ALL the other interior plastics (which are normally an ugly caramel color) have been properly painted as well.

~~On the exterior, all of the trim, grills, door handles, mirrors, etc have been painted black. This is not some "rattle-can" paint. This is all proper paint that won't be chipping off.

~~All the rubber looks great.

~~The windshield is brand new as well. (really nice to not have all the glare from headlights at night)

----- MECHANICALLY -----

~~I have paperwork/receipts going back to 1990. Clearly not every receipt is there but the fact that there are some going back that far is reassuring.

~~I had the entire cooling system gone through. I had the radiator removed, "rodded out" (basically made like new), replaced the cooling fan, both temperature switches, along with the thermostat, and any questionable hoses. (yes, it's water cooled) It runs perfectly. I wouldn't hesitate taking it anywhere!

~~We also just had the muffler replaced.

~~About 50,000 miles ago the engine was rebuilt...and it runs really strong. I'm really impressed by how well it runs. I was told that they installed the larger 2.1 liter engine and I absolutely believe it. It runs stronger than five other Vanagon that we have had. It's super smooth.

~~18,000 miles ago it had a major tune up...at least that's the most recent receipt that I can find. But that said, it runs so smoothly that I have to believe that this was done again recently.

~~The transmission is an automatic (read this section if you think a manual is better) It was replaced with new one at a cost of ($2756.50) 45,000 miles ago. These transmissions are FAR more reliable than the manual transmissions and they have a "taller" or "higher" top gear. So as they go down the freeway, the engine isn't as strained as the manual transmissions. Also, the automatics are better on hills. (keep reading) There is an excellent article (although slightly technical) comparing these transmissions. In a nutshell, the torque converter allows the horsepower to remain steady during hill climbs so they actually do better on hills and on the flatlands. And they never need a clutch replaced. And they don't pop out of gear which is common on the stick shifts. Suffice it to say, the automatic wins. But really, it's all in the driving. Driving a stick shift is work. And you certainly aren't going to be drinking an iced frappuccino while both hands and both feet are busy. The automatic transmission is a dream to drive. The "refined choice" of transmissions. We've owned both. In our opinion, there's really no comparison. The auto is by far our favorite. That's one of the reasons that we bought this van.

~~The ride is very smooth. Much of the suspension was replaced including new steering rack ($2144.72) If you want to go all-pro, you can upgrade the tires and wheels. The wheels (rims) on there now have the custom 2-tone paint and the tires are like new. If you want to upgrade that, I'd say to wait until you wear the tires that are on there. I wouldn't bother but that would be your call and you'd have plenty of time to decide.

~~The frame, body, and undercarriage are all completely rust free. (see pics)

~~The brakes are fine and they were renewed about 40,000 miles ago.

~~The lights all work, the windows do their thing, the wing windows don't whistle, the seats are comfortable, it has a front and rear heater, the windshield wipers work as expected.

~~An auxiliary battery was added with a battery isolator allowing the "house battery" to be drained completely without it affecting the "starting battery". You could charge your phone, laptop, run interior lights, radio or whatever you would choose to connect to the house battery. Each battery is under the front seats.

----- What does it need? -----

~~What would I do to it? I'd add cruise control. But I'm a huge cruise-control fan. But I also average about 38k miles per year and I really like using cruise control. But if most of your driving is in town, it might not be of importance to you. Cruise control was a very rare feature. I had one that had it and I thought it was awesome. If you overfill the gas tank, will...overflow. This is a common problem. The solution is $89.95 from GoWesty for their kit... or just don't overfill it :) The tent is just fine but it does have two small rips near the bottom of the window. The endcaps are missing on the front bumper (GoWesty $12.95/ea) And the horn doesn't work, never looked into it. I think that's it.

----- LOCATION -----

~~The van is located in beautiful SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA. I'd be happy to arrange (or help arrange) shipping. Also, you can very easily fly into Santa Barbara and we would be happy to pick you up. Or you could fly into LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) and take the shuttle bus to SB where we can pick you up. Or whatever makes sense to you. I would possibly deliver it to you as long as it's paid in full first. I like driving and it would be a fun "farewell" trip.

My cell is 8o5 729 56O6

—— VIDEOS!! ——



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