84 wolfberg dashlights out - help!

eve appleton

New member
had her 2 yrs. had wiring corrected within the last year. couple weeks ago, suddenly no dash lights. all fuses in panel check out. (meanwhile replaced fuel pump n filter after milking 'em for all their worth - may or may not be factor.)

did a lil research and found a thread 'bout the problem being an in-line 30 amp fuse behind the fuse panel. looked for the fuse but only found a 20 and a 25 amp in-line fuse. (nor did i bookmark the thread which spoke to the problem.)

am i not looking hard enough? (i could be lacking in confidence.)

Symptoms: no speedometer or tach lights. rest seems to be working fine. when head lights r on tach doesn't work n red light blinks 7-8 times.