82' Westy Troubleshooting Help!


New member
I have an 82' Westfalia, and I just got it running this week(after 4 agonizing months trying to put an engine in it.) Anyways, now that it runs, I see that I have a whole new set of problems.

First off, neither my gas gauge and speedometer work. I have no idea why.

Second, I can't get my fridge to run on any setting(gas aside, the tank is empty right now.) Another electrical problem.

Third(and hopefully last, God help me), My drivers side door latch won't shut unless I tinker with the lock to get the latch back up. I took the door panel off and all I know from looking at it is when you open the door, the latch won't spring back on it's own. The only thing I can do is stick a screwdriver in there to make it spring back manually, otherwise the door won't shut again. It's frustrating.

Any options for me on any of these other than completely replacing everything?

Thanks guys.