76 Westy Rear Bench


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I was wondering if anyone has replaced their rear bench in a 76 or later Westy with a wider bench. We have three kids now and I am not able to fit all of them in the Westfalia to go camping. So my thought was to remove the fridge (as I haven't use it) and extend the bench so I could fit three people on it. I search the forums and didn't come up with any builds or pictures of someone doing this. But looking inside the bus there are hole and nuts for an extra seat belt.

I am thinking that I could just use the existing westy bed on my 76 and cut new ply wood and make the bed wider? Do you think that I would need to add an extra support? If anyone has done this I would love to see pictures. Also I would love to hear if this would be unsafe as I would hate to put my kids in danger.

Also I do plan on keeping the fridge. I plan on putting it back in after the kids get bigger or move out and it is just me and the wife. I like the idea of original, just trying to think of a way now that we could take the bus camping and not have to drive two vehicles.

Thanks in advance for any help.


It may be possible to use it, best bet would be to do a bunch of measuring. I was going to put one in my 92 I had, but I came across an actual aftermarket rear bench seat that was made for 1st gens...