3M products

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I've started this post to discuss 3M supplies & chemicals only. Please post 3M tool topics (like their die grinder discs & spray guns) under the TOOLS forum.

3M has more neat products that this site could ever hope to discuss but I'll pass on a couple I've used.

Ever get terminal hand cramps from squeezing silicone seal making gasket surfaces? 3M sells Silicon Gasket Strips in 6"x1/8" and 12"x¼" strips. You just place the rope-style caulk along your sealing surface. It has enough tackiness to stick, but not so much as to smear while handling. (However, also see the Valco post under TOOLS.)

Along the silicone topic; there are many grades and colors. Color doesn't mean anything, but the auto manufacturers do have specs and the highest should be met by 3m's Ultra-Pro line. Particularly important when your silicone sealant is all that stand between you and dumping all your oil, like a differential or oil pan on your "other car". There are even some applications in a Westy.

Ever want a silicone lubricant that doesn't dry away like the sprys, or stay a crumbly blob like the sticks? P/N08946 is a silicone paste, complete with applicator brush. Great for striker plates, sliding doors & sunroofs, etc.

I've always used 3M's rubberized undercoating to touch up my Westy. A long camping trip on gravel roads can strip the factory undercoating from wheel wells and along the chassis. P/N08883 comes in a large spray can and dries to the touch, but remains soft enough underneath not to chip or crack. It also helps deaden the sound. Cleans up with ordinary mineral spirits. It appears to be compatible with VW's original yellow wax style.


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for paint protection 3M makes great products . Dont forget your local sign shop has clear vinyl film that can be easil;y applied . Nose and mirror protection is a breeze with these products. Local sign shops will sell this product by the foot . Clean area with soap and water then alcohol . then peel and apply clear vinyl . cut with new razor blade like pinstripping.... 1/8 inch from edges .. dont try to get to close tocreases use a straight edge for long cut s and use circular objects for headlight s ... you can do it a little soap in your spray bottle to allow the clear vinyl to slip if you have bubbles or fingers let dry awhile then re card out