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New here, original owner Dove Blue/Grey 1988 Westfalia CamperGL A/T, A/C; 242K miles of fun, camping, 2 kids learning to drive on it & travel; 2 engines (1999 #4 rod holed), top end 2005, A/T rebuild 2007, 2012-13 rolling resto/refurb, still one of our daily drivers with the BMW & runs strong enough to pull the "Lil' Puck"! ;)

Mechanical upkeep since new thanks to Hans Imports in Huntington Beach CA (also for my 914 & 325e), Repaint by Imperial Auto Body in Huntington Beach CA (325e repaint & 914 resto soon). Highly Recco both!

Yes - the Puck is "Repetitively Redundant" but so much fun at the Vintage Trailer/RV Rallies & Shows, since the Westy is still technically too new by most of their rules, and we'll eventually get a hitch on the BMW E30 as soon as I can find a decent OEM factory one willing to ship here.

Cheers! 🍻 9013 (2).jpeg0606151405.jpg0606151405a.jpg


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