2nd Aux Battery


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1995 Eurovan CV (Westfalia conversion), std. My camper has a single aux battery in the left rear under the storage cabinet, but I understand some came with two batteries, and there certainly is room to put another in there.

The Bentley manual seems to indicate the 2nd aux battery is just hookep up in parallel with the first one, which is a common set-up on other RV's etc..

That said, there is a dip switch on the back of the central electronic display (temp, water, batt guage) that let's you switch between "1 battery" and "2 batteries".

Anyone know how this display can tell that two batteries are in parallel and what info to display regarding them? Should I even bother flipping the switch?

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I have my own guess: the display not only shows voltage (which wouldn't change if batteries are in parallel), but also a "meter" which displays a certain number of bars depending on how much of a charge is left. With two batteries in parallel, the display needs to double its calculation of the amount of juice left, in order to provide an accurate indication (number of bars).


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Hello all,

I have a 95 2.4 diesel California Coach, purchased in France.

My view is that the dip switch should definitely be set to 2 batteries if you add a second leisure battery. But there is also another dip switch, which calls for selecting either a Sonnenschein type battery or a Deta type battery. As I understand this, these are both German battery manufacturers, now both both of Exide (with the Deta brand name no longer continued). You can consult the following German website for more information: http://www.t4-wiki.de/wiki/Zentralelektronik . It is in German, but Google will give you a reasonable translation.

My question would be: since these references to German batteries are now outdated, does anyone have any idea what settings are best with with type of deep cycle modern battery? I am going to try and put this question to Westfalia, so maybe I will learn something more in the coming days.


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I have just purchased a '93 2.d diesel California Club with a night heater but only one leisure battery, though it looks like it may have previously has 2. It's an Exide G80 (previously Sonnenschein SL80) and appears to be completely dead. The vehicle has a 100W solar panel but no solar controller and it's not currently connected to the battery. I think I need to:

a) replace the dead battery with either one or preferably two Exide G80s or whatever is the latest best battery for this application
b) source a solar charge controller and hook up the solar panel.

I'm very interested in hearing Westfalia's answer to your questions regarding recommendations on battery type, dip switch setting etc.