20 years of owning a Westy


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I stumbled across our site through another link, and could not even remember that I had joined back in 2003 or something. We are still driving our 1983 Westy, having owned it for 20 years now. It has seen our kids through growing up, and been integral to many summer adventures. We replaced the engine two years ago (with another used but slightly less tired Wasserboxer) and we've done some upgrades, but mostly just marvelled that it keeps going. We had a tiptop when I was a kid, and then my wife and I owned a T2 camper in Australia for a few years. It was such an enabler to adventures, that we wanted one again once we had settled back in Canada. Our area gets real winter, so the van goes into garaged hibernation from about November through April, where it doubles as a storage shed for bikes and other summer gear.


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Congratulations! Nice!
But only 20 years?

Going on 28 here.
It was our vacation home for many years: Yellowstone Park, Grand Canyon and multiple trips to Disneyworld and Key West.
Now its mostly used for occasional weekend camping trips.