1993 Westy. Need advice please.


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Hello! I just bought a 1993 Westy (YAaaa) but wait....There's some issues. So I have always wanted one but could never afford it. I recently had a acquaintance sell me his for *cough* $600 bucks. It had a dead battery and I was told need's the first cylinder machined out. For $600 I bought it and towed it home. After cleaning it out I found a repair order from a auto shop that showed that he had overheated the engine and bla bla bla. So I call the place and they tell me he drove it till it was dead with no coolant and they replaced the block and put it back together, it would start but not stay running. At this point the previous owner decided to take back the westy and park it in his garage till I bought it (3 years). Sooo I guess I need some advice on were to start...I was recommended to do a compression test first and go from there. How about any of you any advice? comments? or questions?