1992 Eurovan camper, Rewiring to new aux battery charger.


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Hi, I have a 1992 eurovan camper on which the auxiliary battery charger was changed by the previous owner.

When he did this, he did not reconnect the wires that where in the six pin connector that connected to the original charger.
He just connected the new charger to the aux battery.

So one thing I see is missing because of this, is the little symbol of a two prongs electric plug is not showing up on the central console display above the mirror. It is not showing up when I plug the camper to a power outlet. Voltage on the display does go up to around 14V when connected, so It looks like it is charging the battery.

The six pins connector and all it's wires is still present next to the new charger.
Can someone tell me what is the proper wiring for everything to work with new charger?

Thanks for any help.



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>Nexus6, Happy to send you pics of my original charger w/ the 6 pins connected.
Just wondering if you traced your problems or not.

I've been having issues where I think I have a short somewhere in the system, as battery used to charge at the beginning of the summer, but no longer charging up, and now my interior lights in the camper (Galley + back seat) are no longer working.
The lights won't even turn on when the camper when on Shoreline/plugged in ! Quite confused..

I also own a 1992 Westy as well, and actually also based on Montreal, looking for some assistance as well, or any recommendations you might have/good repair shops.
At this point I'm not sure changing the battery would help, since even plugged in, it's won't light up.

Let me know if you need pics or anything.
Any recommendations / suggestions from anyone would be welcome.