1989 Automatic Westfalia - Clunking in rear


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I just went on a road trip with a friend to pick up an 1989 Westfalia GL with an automatic transmission. It has had lots of work done to it, including an engine rebuild around 25k back. It was around a 900 mile return trip, and it ran like a champ, except around the 400 mile mark it developed a clunking sound/feeling when it down shifts into first gear. It feels almost like a light "kick" from the rear when it does it. The transmission shifts up through the gears very smoothly, and has no slipping. It did it a couple of times when shifting from park to drive, but primarily when it shifts down to 1st. We made it back fine, and it didn't seem to get any worse. I am looking for advice on what this may be?

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1989 Automatic Westfalia Clunking in rear

Ok I just found the stamp on my rear end that says
312 2
Date of manf.
What gear would this be? Im thinking a 312 but Im not sure