1988 Syncro. New Subaru engine?


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Hi there,
Just wondering what the best engine is to swap out in our syncro. We are thinking a Subaru. We live on Vancouver Island. Any info would help, who to deal with, where to get parts...etc


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Hi I'm new to the Vanagon scene but I've looked into several Northwest(y) shops that do conversions. One is smallcar.com. They do Subaru conversions and I believe they are in Tacoma. So thats relatively close by. They've done about 160 or so of them. So far they've been honest and have their prices on their website. I plan on doing a Subaru EE20 Diesel engine swap with smallcar this coming year. They measured 30 MPG in one of their conversions. It's a pretty sweet deal! A much more powerful, robust and quiet engine replacing my worn out Volkswagen Wasserboxer. Good luck and tell me what you end up deciding! Thanks.


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Look into the Bostig conversion. I'm doing one right now. Very easy for a DIY person, I'm no mechanic and I feel confident. Bostig is having a sale right now.