1984 Vanagon (water-cooled 1.9) vacuum line question


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I have a water-cooled Vanagon that has experienced sudden loss of power (it stopped going over 35 mph). I've googled quite a bit, and saw that there's something called "Vanagon Syndrome" but it seems like it affects Vanagons after my year (1984).

That said, I'm still trying to determine what's going on. However, I just noticed yesterday, that a vacuum line came loose. The rubber end seems like it is original (as it is dry and crumbly). I trimmed off the end piece, and at least got to rubber that isn't immediately falling apart.

However, I don't know where the line goes to. There are actually TWO different places it looks like it could go (meaning there are two different places where vacuum lines seem to be missing). I'm hoping that my loss of power problem is due to this bad vacuum line (and another possible missing vacuum line).

I've attached a photo in which I had attached the vacuum hose to where I think it should go (EGR?) Still, this leaves one area that appears to be missing a hose/line.

However, I'm not a mechanic (far from it), and I have no idea what this part is. If anyone can identify if my vacuum line is currently correct (going to the EGR? on the distributor base). Also, if you can advise on the part in the second photo (I don't know what this is, or where any line should be going).