12-volt appliances?


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As the proud (but poverty-striken) owner of a new Westy, I am preparing for one of my first road trips. Problem is, I can't find a source for one of my favorite road-trip appliances: the 12-volt kettle. In the old, old days, I always carted one of these things along so I could make instant coffee (bad), cocoa (better) or soup (lumpy but okay) with volts from the 12-volt socket. My Westy has a number of 12-volt sockets (I still haven't found them all), but I don't have anything to plug into them! I have found a couple 12-volt kettles on line, but all from Australia!
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JC Whitney's latest catalog has a 12v saucepan/ popcorn popper ($19.99) and a 12v frying pan (also $19.99) listed on page 145. They also have a pizza oven?, blender, coffee maker, coffee mug, and electric blanket listed. Being JC Whitless, I'm sure they are of the highest quality (sarcasm here) but may be just what you need. Some of the larger RV sites may also carry them, but I'm sure at a much higher price. Have you tried a Google search?

I would be leary of the draw on the system though. If it were me, I would probably wire a (fused) larger gauge wire to the outlet I was planning on using.

Hope this helps.

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When shopping truck stops, be sure the anything you get is 12 volt. Most trucks are 24v.They typically have 12v service for their CB's and the like, but you may find a both. Also 'do the math.' Trucks have much larger alternators and reserve capacity so a high-wattage appliance that might be OK in a truck could overload your VW system. There's a topic on electrical load elsewhere on the site.


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walmart has a section with 12v appliances ... to date about 6 appliances ... check out the automotive section


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I just saw that wavebox microwave as well. I thing one will find a spot in my camper. I have a new baby on the way and with bottles and the like it will have a good use.


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westy "wet bar"

When I was small we had a camper with a "Wet bar" mounted under the dash, the heat from the engine would keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold with some sort of cooling device. The liquid was stored in a syraphome cooler type thing under the hood. Drinks could be dispenced hot or cold from the unit under the dash. I now have a westfalia camper van and would like to have the same thing, but can not find one anywhere. Anyone know where i could find one? I think it could have been called a "Car bar" or "KarBar" or somthing like that .... we just called it a "car bar".


I just saw that wavebox microwave as well. I thing one will find a spot in my camper. I have a new baby on the way and with bottles and the like it will have a good use.

However, read the customer reviews: "Don't buy this!" or "It started smoking!"


12 volt appliances

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