‘84 Westy 1.9 l digifant starting issues


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I have read through the threads and have a some similar issues with (I think) unique aspects. Our Westy sat for two years and we have been trying to get it back on the road. When we first tried to start, it would crank, catch and then die. We had it towed to our mechanic and they found water and rust in the fuel filter (not surprisingly - but no water in the engine). They replaced the filter, drained the fuel tank, put new gas in and she ran fine. After driving for a week she now won’t start (reliably). She will crank and seems to want to fire, but won’t start. I have spark, replaced the ignition coil, and seem to be getting fuel (as it drips out of the muffler after cranking). Other symptoms. When I turn the ignition past the first stop, I am not hearing the fuel pump hum. At times when I try to start, starter doesn’t engage, but the next time I try it engages and cranks. Yesterday, after cleaning the connections to the starter and fuel pump, I heard the fuel pump hum and it did start, but after driving a block (and going over a bump) it died and wouldn’t start again. Any ideas on what could be going on would be appreciated. As I just spent $500 draining the fuel system and getting a new filter, I’d rather not take it back to the mechanic yet! Thanks!