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    A/C performance problems -- not compressor/freon/evaporator related

    I've had this problem since I got the van 3 yrs ago: The engine won't idle with the A/C on. Not such a big deal, but quite annoying nonetheless. I have an '85 Westy with manual transmission. The A/C is a retrofit done by a company in California 9 yrs ago (previous owner). Can't seem to find...
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    'Cross-country' (US & Canada)

    2 yrs ago my wife and I quit our jobs and traveled for about 8 months. Spent 3 of them in our '85 Westfalia. Left Seattle in Feb. '98 and headed south. Stops in Arches and Canyonlands N.P.s (windy and cold), drove Monarch Pass in Colorado (over 11,000 ft--the van did great(BFG...