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  1. J

    Stereo wiring

    I have a new-ish 2008 radio in my old-ish '81 AC Westy and my in-line fuse keeps burning out on the red wire (which I believe goes to the power supply for the radio, aka 12V battery). The PO I bought the van from had a little 2amp glass fuse in the line but the stereo itself has a 10amp fuse...
  2. J

    81 Westy Ignition Lock

    Apologies if this is in the wrong area but there really seems to be no place for this nor is there any information in the Bentley manual! I have an 81 Westy and the tumbler in the steering column does not seem to recognize my key 9/10 times. The owner before me bought a new one to install but...
  3. J

    Exterior Hookups

    Hello lovely Westy community! I have just bought my first Westy (also my first car in general!) and upon inspecting the hookups I realized that I have no idea what one of them is! I have a 1981 AC Vanagon L that has (from left-to-right) the water hookup, shore power hookup, and a third box...