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    Looking at a 1990 Westfalia

    Sound good. Post some pics! I added a second battery system with a solar panel and just installed a USB charger for phones and battery voltage monitor.
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    Looking at a 1990 Westfalia

    Its two weeks later so likely too late for you but a couple of comments...(I've owned a '90 since new and have a '84 also) AC is likely due to a leak in the system. These can be hard to find and fix. For example had one up in front compressor area that took several trips and a mechanic who...
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    My '84 Westy

    Hello, thought I'd post here to encourage more on this site. I have 1984 Westy that I've had for about 6 years. Had some epic trips with it and so has one my sons...he is the photographer:) Even did a trip last month...felt reasonably safe in the campground.