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    Left side speakers not working (front and rear) in 1989 Westy

    My all around mechanic told me it was my 1989 Westy's Alpine am/fm cassette stereo which is nearly 16 years old. So I bought a Sony am/fm cassette stereo on eBay and wow, the left side speakers still don't work! I reinstalled the Alpine, only this time routing the wires for the left side to...
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    Loose Cover / 89 Camper (parked outside in N Cal - intense 3-season sun, winter rain)

    I need a cover for my 89 Campers (parked outside in N. Cal - intense 3-season sun, winter rain). Requirements: 1) Loose fitting - I have roof racks and a Yamina box, so very loose fitting. There is only occasional wind where I park, so I can tie the bottom down with bungess and I don't care...
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    1989 Westfalia Idles too Fast

    My 1989 Westfalia (stock engine with about 30K miles after rebuild) idles too Fast, about 1200 RPM when completely warmed up. My smog inspection guy (I live in California) thinks it could be the "Idle Air Control Valve", or possibly a wiring issue or the "Control Module". What he is calling...