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    New Jersey Vanagon Clubs

    Does anyone know if there is a Vanagon club in NJ?
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    Stop/tail lights - Bulb Question - 83 Vanagon

    The owners manual of my 1983 water cooled Vanagon lists a 1034 bulb for the Stop/Tail lights. This is a double filament bulb. However, the 1034 bulb does not fit in the socket because of its design. Is this an error in the manual?
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    Remanufactured Engine or Rebuild?

    I just bought a 1983 Westy with a 1.9 water cooled engine. My mechanic tells me there is a very, very small coolant leak in the head gasket by one cylinder. He says it should be rebuilt. I tried reading through the barrage of information here and have to admit I’m at a loss and very confused...