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    LPG & Westfalia stoves, outside North America

    [Moderator Note: This topic is for factory VW & Westfalia stoves outside of N. American markets. Do not post questions about aftermarket stoves or conversions. "Stove changes . . ." topic available for that.] Westfalias outside North America, especially those in Great Britain, were equipped...
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    Aftermarket Rear-Window Wipers & Washers

    1964~79 VW Type 2, Rear-Window Wiper System Back in 1990, I developed a pantograph rear- window wiper system (sweeps more than 50% of the total window area), for my British specification, 1973 VW 1600 Type 2 Westfalia Continental campervan. This is an adaptation of the SWF system, fitted to...