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    Camelback VW, Phoenix AZ

    I found out about Bill at Camelback VW 1-800-876-5199 on I think this is a very important resource for those of you who are having a hard time getting your local VW parts people working with you. Bill likes Vanagons and knows about them to boot. I have twice ordered from him...
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    Adding fresh water filter

    I have been thinking about adding a water filter in line between my fresh water tank and the faucet. Here in the city I filter my water at home and I have been buying water to fill my fresh water tank. It would be nice to add a filter under the sink. My biggest concern is that the water pump...
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    Gen'l Camping Supplies -- not car related

    I have been trying to find one of those coleman catalytic heaters. Walmart had the one you light with a match but I would prefer the electronic. REI carries them but currently they have no stock of them. Does anyone have a good source of camping supplies. I am also looking for sleeping bags etc.
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    Rear Shocks

    I just ordered 4 KYB shocks. I looked in my repair manual for a little installation help but it did not say much about the rear shocks. Excuse my ignorance here but is this a job I can do at home? Are there any special tools required? This question applies to the other two as well although it...