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    New Brakes Squeaking Noise Loud and Obnoxious

    I've finally got my new brakes to stop squealing. I replaced everything, new Brembo rotors with bearings and seals, Rebuilt Calipers, ATE Brake Pads. I did some front end work 1st replacing the top ball joint and the tie-rod ends. You think with all that I would have minimal brake noise but...
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    When It won't Start, Where to Start on a 83.5,1.9L Vanagon?

    I just been through 6 months of Hell. I have a 83.5 1.9L Camper with a new 2.2L GVW GoWesty engine and most of the bolt and equipment is new. This included going over all the grounds in the engine compartment, redoing the ends. (Most Important!) After a couple years of great starts my Van...
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    My Go Westy Engine Journey part 2

    This is a continuation of (My Go Westy journey) 2/1 All parts are in, painted the new headers with Rustoleum High Heat Barbecue Paint. Its not suppose to peel off when it gets hot. I will probably pull the flashing around the engine and paint it to before I take it in. Replacing the...
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    My Go Westy Engine Journey

    I want to keep a record of swapping out a 1.9 83 Vanagon Adventure Camper engine. I bought this vehicle last April and I gambled that the engine just needed a few minor repairs. I was just over 100,000 miles and had all the receipts. It had been reasonable maintain. I knew it had a noisy...