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    We're selling our westy in europe

    We are selling our westy in Europe. It is a t4 california Coach High Top. It will be available in early July. Our agent handles all the paperwork and we will have had three seasons of touring by the end of June. Too much Fun!!!. It is a 2.4 litre 5 speed standard diesel. Good mileage and very...
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    How much paint to paint a vanagon

    I'm getting ready to take my vanagon to mexico and would like to have it painted while I'm there. I am going to do a base coat clear coat with the original color. My question is: How much paint and 2k primer. The paint I am using is 1 to 1 base coat to reducer. How much paint, how much clear...
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    Coolant expansion

    I have a 1985 1.9 litre Westfalia. I have been having problems with the cooling system. While driving, the coolant expands and overflows to the point where the van begins to overheat. I just performed a leakdown test and only #3 came out in the low end of low high end of moderate around 35...